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Outdoor Additions that Will Transform your Garden Instantly

Your garden is an integral part of your home. It is often the first thing noticed by people. It sets the tone of your property and is often at the forefront for creating memorable first impressions. These are some ideas for transforming your garden into one you always dreamed of having.   

Water Features

Water features such as large outdoor water fountains immediately bring grandeur to your garden. They add a sense of style and class to your home. Often the centerpiece of your garden, they bring a sense of life and motion to the yard. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also invoke feelings of tranquility. The sound of water is soothing, inducing feelings of peace and serenity. Fountains also attract many species of birds to the yard, ideal for any bird lover. 

There are many different sizes and styles of fountains available. This ensures you can find the ideal fountain that compliments your home. Fishponds are another great water feature you could add. They aesthetically enhance your garden. Koi and goldfish are the most popular choices of fish for ponds. They provide a kaleidoscope of moving colors. Looking after the fishpond and fish can be a therapeutic pastime. 

Remember, the location of a fishpond is essential. It needs to be in a level spot and ideally, gets half a day of sunlight. Avoid placing the fishpond close to trees and bushes that will drop leaves and other debris into it. Water features provide a place to escape from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. They are a place of peace for us to gather our thoughts.

Vegetable and Herb Gardens 

Growing a vegetable garden is beneficial in many ways. They make your yard look fantastic. Tomatoes, carrots, red bell peppers, beets, pumpkins, and spinach are just some of the vegetables that flourish in a garden. The foliage from a variety of different plants looks excellent. 

You could corner off your vegetable garden with attractive fencing. You can paint and decorate the fencing to best suit your tastes and home. Raised beds with hardware cloth are the best solution. Do some research to find your ideal layout and plan for your vegetable garden. Having a vegetable garden is a great hobby that could involve the entire family. It gets everyone outdoors and to bond with nature. 

There is nothing better than preparing food with your very own home-grown vegetables. It provides a sense of fulfilment and encourages healthier eating. Having a sustainable vegetable garden is also cheaper than buying produce from stores. Along with the vegetable garden, you could plant herbs as well. Herbs are highly versatile plants. They provide healthy and delicious additives to throw into recipes. 

Certain herbs, like lavender, not only smell terrific, they look beautiful too. You could plant various herbs in ornamental pots and place them strategically around the yard. This will make your garden look highly decorative and attractive. Specific herbs even help to repel mosquitoes and other pests. 

Plant Trees 

Trees are majestic. They make any garden look impressive. Trees release oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, filter pollutants, and reduce soil erosion. They provide shade, keeping your home and you cooler during hot summer months. Many species of birds and small mammals depend on trees for protection, shelter, and food. 

Amongst the best trees to plant for your garden are River Birch trees. These are fast-growing trees that can grow from 40 to 70 feet. Red Maple trees are another choice, known for their vibrant, rich red colors. Oak, Pecan, Sycamore, and Tulip trees are other great options to consider. Choose the best tree suited for your garden’s size and climate. 

Garden Sheds 

A garden shed can be a perfect touch to any garden and add considerable value to your home. They are useful for numerous purposes. They can be convenient storage facilities for gardening equipment and tools. For those who enjoy working with their hands, they offer the perfect place for carpentry, model building, and various other projects. 

If you are interested in something for the kiddies, they could even be an ideal and picturesque playhouse. Garden sheds can be standard and banal structures, although they can also be a charming and beautiful focal point for your garden. Constructing a shed from glass or wood can showcase extreme elegance. You could add window boxes and fill them with flowers of many vibrant colors. This adds to the shed’s aesthetics and brightens up the entire garden.



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