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The Rijksakademie Open Studios 2019

Rijksakademie Open Studios 2019, Image courtesy of Tomek Dersu Aaron and the Rijksakademie

The Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam is a breeding ground for some of the most sought after emerging artists. Towards the end of November, the Rijksakademie Open Studios and Amsterdam Art Weekend  get together to produce a program of art events for Amsterdam. During this weekend the city is transformed into an international hotspot for art lovers and professionals alike.

Presentation by Maria Kley photo credit Tomek Dersu Aaron and the Rijksakademie

Presentation by Elleke Hageman photo credit Tomek Dersu Aaron and the Rijksakademie

The international artist in residency programme is a unique environment for the development of a contemporary art practice. The institution nurtures exploration and experimentation in comparative seclusion to sanction the artists to develop unimpeded. In addition, many visitors disembark upon the academy to be a part of the Open Studios. Amid them are specialists and collectors and those who have a penchant for the arts. The Rijksakademie functions as a procreation field, no curriculum or prospectus is followed, and the artists conduct trials with their own research. They investigate the diverse opportunities and impracticalities of distinctive media and practices and go through a powerful period of self-actualisation. There are also interactions and discussions with advisors from disparate backgrounds of expertise. The artists form a dynamic international community where a lively exchange of thoughts and knowledge take place.

Studio of Dan Zhu, Photo credit Tomek Dersu Aaron and the Rijksakademie

Presentation by Lotte van Geijn photo credit Tomek Dersu Aaron and the Rijksakademie

Operational from an all-inclusive perspective, the Rijksakademie upholds a widespread alumni linkage throughout the world. This network remains to grow with the present generation of 46 artists from the Netherlands, Europe and beyond such as Cambodia, Mexico, Uganda, Korea and Peru. The assortment of the programme produces an inimitable system for the fabrication and interchange of art, knowledge and intellectual thoughts and consequently contributes to the everlasting and obvious presence of transnational innovative authorities in Amsterdam.

All images are courtesy of Tomek Dersu Aaron and the Rijksakademie.



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