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VO Curations the new curatorial platform based between London and Paris taking over the emerging art scene

Adriano Amaral, Untitled, 2018, and Maïa Regís, Ramon Reyna, 2018 courtesy VO Curations
Adriano Amaral, Untitled, 2018, and Maïa Regís, Ramon Reyna, 2018 courtesy VO Curations

Established in 2018, VO Curations aim to represent the best of contemporary and emerging art within the two leading art capitals of Europe. Located in the heart of Waterloo on the 12th Floor of Elizabeth House, their new space houses a gallery as well as multiple accessible artist studios and residency programmes. VO Curations have focused primarily on generating exhibitions that pair and bridge the gap between prolific contemporary artists like Victor Man and Claude Bellgarde and emerging international artists such as Jean-Marie Appriou and Daiga Grantina, all part of their upcoming collaboration with Phillips Auction House, Parfum d’épines (Perfume of Thorns) opening on the 23rd May. A novel reading of Charles Baudelaire’s volume Les Fleurs du Mal, the show plays upon duality and the poet’s fascination for antithetical pairings that has timelessly protruded beyond his literary universe into the realm of fine art.

Exhibiting Artists: Victor Man, Claude Bellegarde, Jean-Marie Appriou, Oda Jaune, Daiga Grantina, Pedro Wirz, Robert Brambora, Muriel Abadie, Sonya Derviz, Alfie Kungu, Frédéric Platéus, Srijon Chowdhury, John Miserendino, Cajsa von Zeipel, Adriano Amaral, Isaac Lythgoe, Maïa Regis, Sara Berman, Olivia Bax, Romana Londi, Alexander James, Clarissa Lim, Richie Culver an­d Morgan Ward

Parfum d’épines opens this Thursday 23rd May and runs until 21st June at Phillips, 46 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris

About VO Curations
VO Curations is a curatorial label founded by Zina Vieille and Nnamdi Obiekwe on the premise of the artistic repurposing of traditional and incongruous spaces, in the scope of formulating more versatile and innovative exhibiting processes. Their role as mediators between artist and institution is illustrated by their culture spaces across Central London: from exhibition sites to artist studios or publishing hubs, the essence being to create spaces for cultural exchange towards urban revitalisation. Sacrificing the static nature of the singular gallery venue, VO Curations missions to promote emerging art on a plethora of artistic platforms, whilst recently launching 12th Floor as their lead London location. The 5000sq ft space in David Chipperfield’s former studio welcomes young international artists to collaborate towards four themed
exhibitions per year. VO Curations aspire to adapt and preserve each new venue at hand in order to disseminate a novel curatorial practice mirroring both its artists and the rapidly changing landscapes of urban environments.
12th Floor, Elizabeth House, 11 York Road, SE1 7NX www.vocurations.com @vocurations



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