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Luxurious European architecture and its interior based on works of art

Walking the European streets is, definitely a delight, an incredible experience at a visual and sensory level. Of all its beauties, its architecture and interior design that takes the lead, because despite being in the most cases the oldest, it is always interesting and attractive for anyone.


The buildings of the old continent are like works of art in themselves, works in which you can enter, walk and be admired by every detail. The influence of different artistic aspects can be seen in the main European cities, such as Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Monaco, Italy and Switzerland.

History and tradition made buildings

The architecture of Europe is varied, rich in history and tradition, with great names of contemporary architects involved in its main cities.

In a broad tour of Europe you can admire buildings from all the historical periods, designed by masters of architecture such as: Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto, Arne Jacobsen or Mies van der Rohe. Without leaving aside the great contemporary architects who have come to leave incredible contributions.

The good thing about getting to any European country is how easy it is to connect with other nations, because they are all nearby and you can travel easily, so to take a tour to know and appreciate the rest of the buildings, it’s nothing complicated.

A structure that looks like something out of Narnia

Many of the masterpieces of world architecture are in Europe, which are a must to visit at least once in a lifetime, if you are one of those who are passionate about travel. In Barcelona, for example, the modernist architect Antoni Gaudí left the Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Holy Family.

Gaudí conceived the interior of the Holy Family, as if it were the structure of a forest, with a set of tree-like columns, divided into different branches. The basilica is a work of art inside and out, many of the internal sculptures were designed by Gaudí himself, which makes this church a museum.

Museums that float on the water

Another of these impressive structures in Europe is the Neue Nationalgalerie Museum in Berlin, which was built in 1960 and is also a modernist design, Mies van der Rohe, who used minimal lines and open spaces to create buildings that appear to be floating on the water.

The building complex is dedicated to the art of the 20th century, with works ranging from expressionism, cubism and Bauhaus. Inside you can find works by important artists such as Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, Klee and Munch.

Paris, always impressive

For its part, Paris is one of the European cities with the most luxurious and interesting architecture. This is the case of the Centre Pompidou, a capricious postmodern work of French architecture, which shows the entrails of a building, with a novel and fascinating proposal.

Also in France, the Cathedral of Chartres stands out, built around the year 1200 in the north of this country, and which has stood out as one of the main landmarks of Gothic architecture. Within its structure there were 186 stained glass windows, of which 152 are conserved and one of the most beautiful is called: Window of the Blue Virgin.

Luxury, architecture, art and play in Monaco

Talking about luxuries makes us think immediately about the principality of Monaco, and it is precisely there, where the Monte Carlo Casino is located. This place is highlighted in the world for its incredible architecture and for being practically a museum inside.

The casino was built by the architect Charles Garnier, who also created the Paris Opera. It is of Beaux Arts style, an imperial style known as Second Empire style or Napoléon III style. Its internal game room is an art gallery, with frescoes by the painter Boucher, mind-blowing sculptures and a gold marble atrium.

In this place, luxury is the order of the day and is a reference house for the real players of the world. Baccarat, black-jack 21 and American Roulette are part of the legendary games that take place in their gaming halls.

This prestigious casino is an invitation to luxury, fortune and good luck, its decoration inspires to want to have a life surrounded by ostentation. And is that the experts in casino decoration ensure that the way in which the game space is set, largely defines the possibility of winning.

The new architecture is digital

The architecture of the past was only proposed for buildings, but now architecture and design is online. Digital platforms are also concerned about receiving their users with the best face and above all, that they can spend pleasant time in their spaces.

These premises are applied in the interior design of most important casinos in the world, because even the arrangement of colors influences the play. The design of the casinos is usually colorful and among designers they talk about what is the game design; there are no clocks or windows, so that the player does not have distractions.

Another premise is that the games are already available at the entrance, without there being much empty lobby. The corridors are usually wide and straight, the ceilings generally low and the decorations memorable. The same applies in online casinos; the design of the game pages should be impressive.

Web pages that have online casinos, must have direct information, to the point, but always provide additional information that generates confidence and safety to the user. This is the case of Bovada online casino, in the spaces where you find this casino there is easy navigation and an impeccable design.

A sample of these online design strategies for casinos, you can observe them in bestonlinecasinooffers.net. This is a platform that does not have physical architecture like that of a traditional casino, but it does keep striking standards, of what the online architecture of a casino should be.

In this way, new trends take everything to digital and online. Previously, the casinos had to take care of building luxurious external structures, but nowadays, the architecture is digital and it is on the largest servers in the world. The design is taken to the most visible platform that is the www.



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