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‘Bionic Nude’ by Philipp Humm

Beckett, 2017 by Philipp Humm
Beckett, 2017 by Philipp Humm

Opening this Wednesday is London based Artist Philipp Humm’s new exhibition at Dadiani Fine Art.
Philipp Humm’s images create a framework where classical allusion is fused with contemporary cultural stereotypes. Focusing often on the female form, the alienation of Humm’s subjects take on a spectacularly 21st Century relevance – in ‘Beckett’, a model appears in a classical setting with the torso of David Beckham, complete with ‘sleeve’ tattoo. In ‘Selfie’, the pathology of total self-absorption in the social media age is laid bare. The stunning imagery in Humm’s large scale canvasses is not always comfortable but intensely thought-provoking and surprises the viewer with moments of candid beauty. An artistic experience and journey quite unlike any other – the ultimate processing of the work lies, as with any great artist, just, tantalisingly, out of reach, but resonates long after the exhibition has ended.

Philipp Humm Selfie 123x91 cm oil on canvass 2017
Philipp Humm Selfie 123×91 cm oil on canvass 2017

‘Bionic Nude’ by Philipp Humm PV Wednesday 13th February 6:30 pm Dadiani Fine Art 30 Cork St
London W1S 3NG dadianifineart.com

Philipp Humm Balance, 51hx25x72cm, bronze 2017
Philipp Humm Balance, 51hx25x72cm, bronze 2017

About The Artist
Philipp Humm was born in 1959 in Germany. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Saarland University, Germany and MBA from IMD in Switzerland. On returning to his art practice in 2015, after 10 years as Tech Executive, he studied at London’s Fine Art Studio and Florence’s Academy of Art. He currently lives and works in London. Humm’s art addresses existential questions of life and what can go wrong with a society blindly pursuing technological progress. Humm takes inspiration from his German roots



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