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Business dress code or how to dress correctly

It is impossible to always follow the fashion, because fashion can change  very quickly. But  there are hundreds of magazines and online sources that can help with different types of dress codes and what to wear.

Despite all the changes in fashion and style, an ordinary black suit is an endless classic that will always be popular. Unlike women who have hundreds and thousands of dresses for different meetings and parties, men are limited to only a few types of suits. Classic type of suit has a very wide application. Of course, in most cases, a classic suit emphasizes the status of a successful man or businessman. Sometimes, office workers are forced to work in trousers and shirts due to the dress code. But most men do not wear a classic suit every day, but each of them has it in his wardrobe. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, a classic suit assumes the presence of plain trousers and a jacket, a shirt, a tie and shoes, of course. The classic costume is different from other clothes, so we need to choose the places where such a costume is needed.

3 reasons to wear a classic suit

Night event Black suit is always associated with evening or night. If you were invited to a party in a classic
style (restaurant, theater or opera) then a black suit is perfect for dim lighting in such places. You can’t wear regular jeans, a t-shirt, a sweater or a shirt. In addition, you will notice that your other half or friends have made the same choice. This is one of the best places where you can wear a regular and at the same time stylish black suit.

Wedding For a long time we know that the groom is obliged to wear only a black suit, which makes a contrast with the bride’s dress. Modern grooms are very creative because they buy or sew original costumes using bright colours and ornaments. Such outfits are very popular today, but despite this, a classic black suit is the classic choice of most men.
According to BrainyQuote resource, most men who are preparing for the wedding are buying a black classic suit, as this has become a tradition. Do not forget to choose jewelry (watches, bracelet) that will be perfectly combined with the costume.

Casino The game room is an amazing place where you can meet successful businessmen, famous politicians and even celebrities. We often see news that people of these categories spend a lot of time in the casino and even spend millions of dollars there. Therefore, the casino is an amazing place that is associated with the luxury, wealth and brilliance of diamonds. That’s why every solid person comes here to play VIP slot machines that correspond to his status. As statistics show, even fans of virtual casinos visit real halls and play slots from time to time. This is a great opportunity to get real adrenaline and enjoy the status of a rich person. But such a place has its dress code that every guest must abide by. The first rule of dress code in the casino: your clothes should be clean, neat and not vulgar. So, most men prefer to wear a tuxedo or a regular black suit that will emphasize their high status (even if this is not true). Shoes are one of the main elements of your style, so they should be combined with a jacket and trousers. You also should not wear many different decorations. Your appearance should be sophisticated and stylish at the same time. Remember that you dress for your own comfort, which should be combined with an elegant style. Thus, the classic black suit is the best solution for any casino. As you can see, the black classic suit is popular and has many uses. Now, after reading all the tips, you know how to choose a suit for solid casino visiting. Now, you can visit the best gaming halls in Las Vegas, have the best night before the wedding like in the movie “The Hangover”. It’s time to have some fun!



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