Artists your chance to help the homeless of Greece.


artAZ, the Greek Art Platform for the promotion of Contemporary Art, is inviting artists to submit small format artworks for the 9th SURPRISE  benefit exhibition for the support of the homeless of Greece.

SURPRISE is a campaign that mobilizes the power of art to offer help in major social issues. The exhibition is a collective effort of the artistic community; since 2009 more than 2000 artists have contributed their works to the

Each edition of SURPRISE features ~300 artists. All artworks are small format, are offered for the same symbolic price, and are signed at the back. The artist’s identity gets revealed only after the artwork is sold, hence the
“surprise”. The next edition of SURPRISE will take place in Athens, Greece, opening 23 November 2018.
Submissions are accepted until 15 November 2018.

Full details here:

After the sale the proceeds are donated to the Homeless Support Program of KLIMAKA NGO. KLIMAKA is a social, non-profit organization, implementing diverse successful solutions for the support of the homeless since 2001.

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