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Ai Weiwei doing three show in Los Angeles during the Autumn.

Ai Weiwei is scheduled to do to three shows in Los Angeles in September/October firstly he is taking over Jeffrey Deitch’s new Hollywood gallery for its inaugural show, opening Sept 29th then he has a show at the Marciano Art Foundation, opening Sept 28th and finally starting Oct 4th he will be showing a marble sculpture at the new UTA Artist Space in Beverly Hills.

ai-weiwei-inoculation-exhibition-proa-argentina- FAD Magazine
Ai Weiwei inoculation exhibition proa argentina

“L.A. strongly represents America, both geographically and culturally,”

“These are my first exhibitions in the city and I’m very excited about it.”

said Ai Weiwei

The Marciano will feature at least three large-scale works, including a new installation responding to the refugee crisis with boats, humans and zodiac figures crafted out of traditional kite-making materials: bamboo, sisal and silk. Mr. Deitch’s new gallery will feature “a good introduction to the artist’s work,” including an accumulation of 6,000 wooden stools, flea-market finds that represent hundreds of years in Chinese history. A new series of 12 portraits of the Chinese zodiac built out of Lego will also be shown.

UTA Artist Space, a gallery overseen by Joshua Roth, the head of United Talent Agency’s fine-art division, is showing a selection of Ai Weiwei’s work in marble, the highlight being a large field of grass.




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