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Low gravity — Flying light

Low gravity — Flying light FAD Magazine

We Love product designer Fabien Roy’s Low gravity — Flying light. It’s his latest project that explores the concept of ‘light source mobility’. Like the iconic Anglepoise lamp, a classic light offering a total freedom of movement over a desk, Roy’s ‘Low gravity- Flying Light’ extends this ability to anywhere in space. This is made possible through new technologies in collaboration with LIS Lab (laboratory of intelligent systems) and the Swiss Federal institute of Technology (EPFL).

Low gravity — Flying light FAD Magazine

The light is placed manually at a specific point and starts to levitate as soon as the contact with the user is broken. Aeronautical constraints led Fabien Roy to completely optimise the concept of weight and airflow. The shape of the light is directly inspired by rocket nozzles. This contributes to unblock the thrust of the airflow towards the ground. The solution chosen to reduce the weight is to propose a self-supporting shell. The structural and diffusing functions are synthesised in a single element.


Low gravity — Flying light FAD Magazine



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