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CALL OUT: The ICONIC Digital Biennale

2017 has been the year of “crypto” in all senses – the number of ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) have broken all records and, relative to fiat currencies, bitcoin and ethereum have grown drastically over a v short period of time.

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To help digital artist take advantage of these new currencies a new global event the ICONIC Digital Biennale has been launched to make a clear-cut connection between art and blockchain. ICONIC also offers a chance to win up to 1 bitcoin for each piece of work.

The theme for the ICONIC Digital Biennale is

“The Beauty of Pure Artificial Intelligence”

Both contest and art market will run till Frb 2018. The Deadline to submit your work has been extended to Feb 1st 2018.

The artists will have a chance not only to showcase their work during the event, as they upload their work to iconic.show, but also to compete for the main prize and sell their artwork for a price assigned by the curators. The curators, experts in art and design, and originating from different countries, will select the most unique, inspiring and unusual pieces to be showcased globally.
To strengthen the link between the artists’ artwork and the world of blockchain, as well as new technologies, the prices will be determined in cryptocurrency.

ICONIC will be the first Digital Biennale – a worldwide contest for digital artists that aims to become a permanent market for digital art, using smart contracts for transfers of intellectual property rights.

To find out more and to enter ICONIC Digital Biennale follow this link: iconic.show Via:www.newsbtc.com



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