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David Bernstein Because most of the cosmos is compost.

Because most of the cosmos is compost is a healing space of relaxation, reflection, and hospitality. Our world today is filled with a sense of rotting in the air. But there is hope that we are just composting, going through the shit so we can arrive to a new fertility; a new space of joyful growth.

In order to activate the juices of the compost energy, the exhibition was filled with cozy couches, air filtering NASA plants, a bar serving a potion for improving artistic capacities, a cosmic sauna, and several sweaty events where organized. People went to hydrate, use the Saunra (a sauna with the music of Sun Ra inside of a Fiat Multipla), or had a private Obsessy session – “where you touch sassy abstract objects and talk.”

Fiat Multipla featuring a Saunra (a sauna with the music of Sun Ra)

David lived at the gallery for the duration of the exhibition and performed daily during opening hours. Obsessys where available throughout the duration of the exhibition by walk-in or scheduled appointments.

David Bernstein (1988, San Antonio, Texas) is an artist based in Brussels and Amsterdam. He combines performance, sculpture, and writing to tell stories through objects.

THINKING In 2017 P/////AKT is venturing out into the wider scope of Thinging: think-
ing with things, about things and through things as a method for rethinking the model of a solo exhibition as an activated environment.

Thinging is featuring solo exhibitions by Evita Vasiljeva, Lorelinde Verhees, Francesco Pedraglio, Nickel van Duijvenboden, David Bernstein and Nicolás Lamas. Curator/writer Vincent van Velsen and artist duo Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen are participating as an editorial board for generating additional output throughout the year, together with P/////AKT and the artists. More Info Here: www.pakt.nu

Special thanks to: The contributing artists and guest speakers, Matteo Casarin, Sophia Holst, everyone at P/////AKT, Nieuw Dakota, Tanja Karreman, Agnes Voskamp, NDSM Stichting, Rieke Vos, Rosa Sijben, Suat Ögüt and Lyan Augustuszoon / Bun Tesi. Photography Charlott Markus.



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