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View art in 360º VR with the new Art Passport App

ArtPassport is a free app that offers anyone, anywhere, access to high resolution images and 360 degree panoramic views of contemporary art from the world’s leading galleries and art museums. The deceptively simple app presents a regularly updated feed of exhibitions with panoramas, images of individual works, descriptive texts on the artists and visitor information.

Users can zoom in on art they are interested in and press a Virtual Reality icon to use a Google Cardboard headset for a more immersive experience. 

We caught up with Tristram Fetherstonhaugh, CEO and Founder of GalleriesNow and ArtPassport to ask him a few questions about the app and their mission to make art more accessible to all.

1 There are loads of art listing apps whats so special about ArtPassport ?

ArtPassport is the only app to give users  360º VR experiences of great exhibitions at leading galleries around the world – allowing you to virtually visit galleries wherever you are and wherever they are!

2 Why didn’t you just call it GalleriesNow like your site? 

ArtPassport is one part of GalleriesNow – specifically showcasing 360º views of exhibitions.

3 How do you film all these galleries ? 

Once you’ve come up with the concept and done the gallery curation, the logistics is the really difficult part! We are fortunate enough to have built a great, international, and talented network of associates which we are growing all the time so that we can continue to post more great 360ºs.

4 Do you think your app will encourage people to view more art live or will it have the opposite effect? 

An early adopter’s review of the app says it all for me – “Great for those who are unable to travel globally but still want access to amazing art galleries and those who want to preview an art gallery before attending”. We’re passionate about getting people to see exhibitions and physical attendance is always the ultimate aim – ArtPassport is there to encourage that as well as to provide the next best thing. 

5 Is it free? If it is how do you make any money? 

The important thing is to encourage maximum exposure for galleries and their artists, so the app is currently free to download – for us it’s a channel rather than an income stream.

6 Will you still be producing printed maps with partners as you have in the past?

Definitely, we’ve actually increased our print output this year, both in quantity and frequency – what we’re about is giving people all the help we can to see as much of the amazing art out there as possible.

7 What do you have planned for Frieze Week?

Our London gallery maps were produced with Frieze and will be available at both Frieze and Frieze Masters, and we’ll be doing special editions of our two weekly emailers to keep people informed. We’ll also be putting something special together with the Gallery of Everything again this year, as well as entertaining lots of friends and colleagues who’ll be in town for the week!

ArtPassport is available on IPhone: HERE


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