Amanita: Anti-Putin underground Moscow artist comes to London

‘Amanita’s work is mesmerising, not only for his phenomenal craftsmanship with ink, but also for its wry political humour in the vast context of Soviet history.’

– Thomas Heatherwick

Encyclopaedia is an exhibition of pen and ink drawings by the acclaimed underground Moscow-based Kasahk artist Amanita (Man-Eater) . This will be Amanitas first london show.

Amanita, a former factory worker, is an incredibly gifted draftsman and darkly funny satirist.  Although relatively unknown in the UK, Amanitas had started to gain  a select following , including the designer Thomas Heatherwick who describes his work as ‘mesmerising’. 

In Russia Amanitas is  a big deal being one of a band of underground artists, writers and performers who are opposed to the current regime — inevitably being a scathing critic of Putin.

Amanita is not just a political artist per se. His drawings are wry, crackling with visual jokes and mercurial connections and associations that draw on Russia’s past and present.

June 2nd – June 16th, 2016 
Shapero Modern: 32 St Georges Street, London W1S 2EA


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