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A Trip Advisor for Art is coming to London

A short while back an artist friend of mine needed to get 2 works framed for an exhibition and he had 24 hours to do it. It was an awkward situation made worse by the fact that he did not know where to turn for help or advice, what framers could he trust to deliver on time?

We have all at one point o another been in that situation, and finally now there is a solution, its called Clarion List and its a Trip Advisor for Art.

clarion list 1

So how does it work?

You type in what service you want, and were you want it, and abracadabra you get the results.

clarion list 2

How do I know that it’s any good for London?

Well this is easy, the list off all art related businesses in London was put together by Art Map London, and lets face it there is very little that Art Map does not know about London’s art scene.

What about the reviews?

Well thats where you come in. Remember that awesome framer you used that one time – rate them, remember that dodgy art dealer that you came across – rate them too.

Who is behind Clarion List?

Clarion list is run by two amazing women and former Christie’s executives, Jessica Paindiris and Gaia Banovich. In other words two women you can trust to know everything about the art world.


To have a look and try it out go to https://www.clarionlist.com .



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