Free Exhibition Space in London

London – a great place to be a creative, that is until you decide to organise an exhibition and start googling for spaces to rent. Exhibition spaces in London are expensive, rent is expensive, property is expensive, in fact many art gallereis manage to stay open because they rent out parts of there space so it comes as a bit of surprise when a creative business starts offering their exhibition space for free. Meet Tom’s Etching Studio.

Toms Etching Studio

We wrote about Tom’s Etching Studio before – the little underdog that started with a handbills press by Tom Moore. When they opened they where in the back of a railway arch in Peckham, then just before New Year the etching studio took over a 100 sq meter space in Hackney Wick. With the etching studio taking up only a fraction of the space Tom decided to turn a part of the space into a project space is now allowing curators and artists groups to use it for free!

Toms Etching Studio LUFTSCHLOSS 5

For more information check out Tom’s Etching Studio website.


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