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Condo a collaborative exhibition by 24 galleries across 8 London spaces : Something For The Weekend

Condo is a collaborative exhibition by 24 galleries across 8 London spaces.
The preview is this Saturday 16th Jan 2016, 12–18h Exhibition dates 16th January –13th February 2016.


Full list of galleries below:

Arcadia Missa unit 6 Bellenden Road business centre SE 15 4RF (Thursday–Saturday 12–17h)
are hosting: Deborah Schamoni from Munich
showing A.L. Steiner and Phoebe Collings-James.

Carlos/Ishikawa Unit 4 88 Mile End Road E1 4UN (wed–sat 12–18h) Clothes by Darja Bajagic, Ed Fornieles, Eloise Hawser,
Helen Marten & Magali Reus, Jack Lavender, Korakrit Arunanondchai,
Lloyd Corporation, Marie Angeletti, Oscar Murillo, Pilvi Takala, Puppies Puppies,
Stuart Middleton, Victoria Colmegna, Richard Sides

Are hosting:

Essex Street from New York showing Jason Loebs, Fred Lonidier

Mathew from New York/Berlin showing Megan Francis Sullivan


Freymond-Guth from Zurich showing Than Hussein Clark

Chewday’s 139 Lambeth Walk SE11 6EE
are hosting Kraupa-Tuskany Zeigler from Berlin

Project Native Informant 17 Brook’s Mews W1k 4dt (Wed–Fri 12–18h, Sat 12–17h)
are hosting
Antenna Space from Shanghai
Société from Berlin showing Jeanette Mundt, Josh Kolbo & GOD

Southward Reid 7 Royalty Mews W1D 3AS (Tue–Sat 11–18h) showing Lea Cetera
are hosting
Jeanine Hofland Amsterdam showing Bruno Zhu

Frusta from Rome showing Tessa Lynch

Rodeo 123 Charing Cross Road WC2H 0EW (Tue–Sat 10–18h) Shadi Habib Allah
are hosting
Callicoon Fine Arts from New York

The Sunday Painter 1st floor 12–16 Blenheim Grove SE15 4QL (Thu–Sat 12–18h)
are hosting

Jaqueline Martins from Sao Paulo

Koppe Aster from Glasgow


Seventeen London

Supplement 96 Teesdale Street E2 6PU (Wed–Sat 12–18h)
are hosting

Truth & Consequences Geneva

High Art Paris


Gregor Staiger Zurich

For more info head to www.condocomplex.org



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