ART OPENING: Lacey Contemporary Gallery Summer Arts Prize

Connect2Colour and Lacey Contemporary Gallery present the Inaugural Finalist Exhibition tonight(Wednesday 12th August) for their new Summer Arts Prize launched this year! From over 600 works entered, the top 50 have now been selected for a special exhibition at Lacey Contemporary between the 12th-22nd August 2015.

Tonight the expert panel of judges will announce the Runner-Ups and overall winner of the prize (receiving £1000 from Connect2Colour).


This year three experts in the Arts industry to help judge the Prize alongside Sally Webb (founder of Connect2Colour) and Andrew Lacey (director of Lacey Contemporary Gallery). Rebecca Pelly-Fry, Director of Griffin Gallery and two FAD contributors: Tabish Kahn, and Paul Carey-Kent.

Aaron Sehmar, Aisling McGarvey, Alice Robinson, Andrew Hladky, Androulla Michael, Anne Parfitt, Ashley Hanson, Aurore Swithenbank, Beverley Chapman, Caia Matheson, Christopher Daly, Claire MacDonald, Clementine McGaw, Eleanor Sparrow, Florence Mytum, Gayane Karapetyan, Heloise Delegue, Jaana Fowler, James Clow, Judy Mckenzie, Julie Leaming, Kiran Tasneem, Kristen Lokka Kong, Laura Iosifescu, Liam Dunne, Liza Mackintosh, Lois Wallace, Lucy Temple, Mark Michael, Matthew Smith, Miss Annabel Dee, Mi-Young Choi, Nara Walker, Olivia Kemp, Patrick Simkins, Patrick Madden, Qinru Yu, Renata Fernandez, Samuel Brzeski, Sarah Shaw, Sasha Bowles, Shamana Prideaux-Brune, Siyana Kasabova & Natalia Fadejeva, Sultan Kinns, Tammy Smith, Tom Brooker, Yucheng Ji

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