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ART OPENING: New 8,000 sqft exhibition space opens in Ibiza with KAWS exhibition.

LA NAVE side view

Lio Malca, one of the worlds leading contemporary art collectors opens of a new 8,000 sqft exhibition space on the island of Ibiza, Spain tonight Tuesday 11th August.

La Nave (Lio Malca) Kaws Sculpture, by The Vitorino001
La Nave (Lio Malca) Kaws Sculpture, by The Vitorino

The opening exhibition features a massive sculpture piece by New York artist KAWS, entitled “CLEAN SLATE,” measuring nearly 23ft. The sculpture debuted in Harbour City, Hong Kong, and more recently in Shanghai. The sculpture will be on view  in Ibiza until October 2015.

La Nave (Lio Malca) Kaws Sculpture, by The Vitorino005

“I have been visiting Ibiza and from day one wondered how could I give back to the island. After 10 years I came across La Nave, and it was one of the answers – I felt it was the right time and space to make these pieces accessible to the public,” said Lio Malca. “My vision is to create an exhibition space that aims to not only be a celebration of the artwork it will showcase, but also to celebrate the island of Ibiza itself,” Malca said.

La Nave (Lio Malca) Kaws Sculpture, by The Vitorino006

Malca transformed the old salt warehouse, La Nave, into an 8,000 sq. ft. exhibition space set along the Mediterranean Sea. The exhibition space embodies Lio Malca’s deep commitment to arts and culture, which transcends in all of his projects.

La Nave (Lio Malca) Kaws Sculpture, by The Vitorino002

The exhibition space will showcase Lio Malca’s and his family’s collection, consisting of remarkable original contemporary artworks, sculptures, photography and new media works by: Nobuyoshi Araki, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marco Brambilla, George Condo, Keith Haring, Vik Muniz, Kenny Scharf and Andy Warhol among many others.

August 12th  – October 10th  La Nave  Calle del Canal 2 12-13 07830 Sant Josep de Sa Talaia Balearic Islands Spain www.liomalca.com  Instagram: @LaNave

About Lio Malca

Since embarking in the New York art world in the early 1990?s, Lio started to show part of his young collection of work by Jean-Michel Basquiat and selected poems by Kevin Young with the exhibition called ‘Two Cents’; becoming a key player in establishing his early market.

In 1997, simultaneously to the Keith Haring retrospective at the Whitney Museum in New York, Lio produced the show ‘In Your Face.’ This show took place in a townhouse across from the museum, showcasing works by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf. Lio inaugurated, with these 3 artists what would become his specialty for the next decade and beyond.

He has since become a key lender and advisor to Basquiat and Haring exhibitions in the United States, Italy, France, Spain, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, South Africa, and elsewhere. To this day, estates, museums, and auction houses seek out for his opinion on the value, authenticity, and provenance of Basquiat and Haring artwork.

As he contributed to the markets of Basquiat, Haring, and Scharf, Lio Malca continued to invest in emerging markets throughout the 1990’s, working closely with established art dealers and galleries, and supporting artists directly. Lio recognized the talent of some of today’s worldwide-recognized artists at an early stage of their careers, Vik Muniz among them.

In the last decade, Lio has created an eclectic art collection that comprises a wide range of artists from the 80?s until today?s most current, cutting edge and progressive artists to be found: Brody Condon, KAWS, Hung Chi Peng, Quayola, Mark Ryden, Holton Rower, Zilvinas Kempinas and selected artists from the Royal Art Lodge Group and others.

Lio Malca is also the owner of CASA MALCA, a private luxury hotel in Tulum, that features artworks from his private collection consisting of: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marco Brambilla, George Condo, Keith Haring, KAWS, Vik Muniz, Kenny Scharf and Andy Warhol.



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