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Exclusive Interview with Marie Jacotey.

Last week FAD headed over to a painting show at Rook & Raven Gallery for a cross generational painting exhibition featuring Paula Rego DBE, Eileen Cooper RA, Marie Jacotey, Lucy Farley and Annie Kevans.

Despite her youth (26) the artist that stood out for us was Marie Jacotey we managed to ask her a few questions answers below.


1 Have you always felt yourself an artist?
I have always been drawing from since I can remember. Acknowledging that this was what I wanted my everyday activity to be came long after, when I got into an art school I suppose.

2. Can you tell us more about your work and what are the main ideas you would like to express?
Theme wise, my work dwells on the difficulties encountered in any kind of relationships; notably through the depiction of women observed in their intimacy. How we deal with essential and existentialist subjects such as love and death in our everyday and social life fascinates me. In that regard, my narrative experimentations are very much inspired, besides the art one, by the realms of literature, notably influenced by authors such as Moravia or Marguerite Duras, and cinema, with a strong love for the work of directors of the French ‘Nouvelle Vague’.

3. How do you start the process of making work?
My art practice anchors in my quotidian, obsessive and indefatigable practice of drawing. From this latter, used as a way of taking notes, originates each of my achieved pieces that take shape as installations, paintings, editions or sculptures.

4. Do you consider the viewer, when making your work?
The viewer is not at the forefront of my mind in the very moment of making but, of course, is taken in consideration in the process of conceiving the presentation of any piece.

5. Name 3 artists that have inspired your work.
David Hockney, Philip Guston, Blutch.

6. What defines something as a work of art?
I suppose anything produced and presented as such by an artist. I guess the real question I am asking myself is rather more: ‘how to define a worthy of attention and successful piece of art?’.

7. How has it been working with Rook and Raven?
It has been a real luck. A very easy and open collaboration from beginning to start and I really wish to thank Aretha Campbell and the all gallery members very much for their confidence in my work and the freedom in making they gave me from the start.

8. What plans do you have to continue to pursue your art career in 2015?
2015 has already been an incredibly busy year for me and I am glad and excited to say that it keeps shaping this way! I should be presenting a new body of work I am currently working on for a solo show at Hannah Barry Gallery in this coming September. I am also occupied by a very exciting artist book project about my work for which I collaborate with STSQ, brilliant designers!, and with Common Editions, swell partner as well. This latter should be coming out in September as well; I can’t wait. Other than this, I have a few commissions for some comics of mine for the designer Yanna Soares and for Kus comics edition amongst others.

She Came To Stay is at Rook & Raven until 22nd August.

About The Artist
Marie Jacotey graduated in 2013 from a MA in printmaking at the Royal College of Arts in London after completing an image course at the National Superior School of Decorative Arts in Paris (ENSAD). She was featured as part of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries at the ICA, London, in 2014 and her first solo exhibition followed shortly thereafter at Hannah Barry Gallery. Recently Jacotey was commissioned to produce a new body of work for the 2015 Salon de Montrouge in Paris.

Marie Jacotey, interview, Hannah Barry Gallery, London, 27 November 2014. from studio international on Vimeo.



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