LAST CHANCE: The “‘smell’ of new and future art… at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery.

“The whole is other than the sum of the parts.”

– Kurt Koffka, Gestalt psychologist

If you can make sure you catch  The Whole Other at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery which closes this Friday June 6th.

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At first glance, Sheree Hovsepian and Konrad Wyrebek seem to share little in common. Yet, both teeter along a fine line dividing digital interpretation and modern reality, pushing traditional art forms into a contemporary context. While Hovsepian’s three-dimensional sculptural works play with dimension and the human eye by manipulating mediums such as photography, photograms and quotidian objects to create conceptual interpretations, Konrad Wyrebek’s ‘data error’ paintings experiment with extreme pixilation, representing the dissemination and malleability of information through digital and social media and challenging pop culture via abstracted television-, film- and social media-based images.

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In The Whole Other  the gallery becomes a liminal space, its walls blank canvases for the reconsideration and expression of the blurred boundary between chaos and control; to gallery founder and head curator Kristin Hjellegjerde, Hovsepian and Wyrebek’s works “‘smell’ of the new, of the future”. … The Whole Other  through to Friday 6th of June 2015

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