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DON’T MISS: Dr Daniel Barnes and his lecture series: Aesthetics in the Digital Age


FAD’s Daniel Barnes presents a unique lecture series at Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, for the exhibition The Whole Other, Taking as its starting point the exhibition, ‘The Whole Other’ by Konrad Wyrebek and Sheree Hovsepian, the course explores recent developments in digital art through the lens of art history and traditional aesthetics. Aesthetics in the Digital Age raises questions concerning how we decode meaning, the relevance of process, the role of the artist and the identity of the artwork.
The series will focus on the work of Arthur Danto, Jean Baudrillard and Walter Benjamin, although no prior knowledge is presupposed or required.

Full details of the series, including a list of lectures, is available here.
7pm 19th May, 26th May, 2nd June 2015

533 Old York Road, London SW18 1TG
Advance booking required: £5 per lecture, or £10 for all three

Contact Daniel directly to register:daniel@danielbarnes.org

Read more on the exhibition here: fadwebsite.com/art-opening-sheree-hovsepian-konrad-wyrebek-the-whole-other-an-exploration-of-the-undefined-world/



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