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ascribe lets you manage and sell digital editions of your work for free.

Still from ‘Mothership’, Jonathan Monaghan 2013 [edition of 3 using ascibe]

Newly launched digital service ascribe gives all artists the ability to create authenticated editions of their digital work, be that photography, images, video or 3D printing recipes to sell or manage via their own sites without a fee.

Digital artists such as Thomas Traum, Andreas Müller from Nanika and Harm Van Den Dorpel have been early adopters as have 3D print designers, such as Johanna Reuschel who ascribes her 3D printed jewellery, but the wider artworld has also begun taking note with Museum MAK Vienna buying digital work using ascribe, Berlin Art Fair< collaborating with the service not to mention several galleries and collectors authenticating their existing collections with it. 

“For the first time, digital art becomes collectable and tradable without printing or materializing it.”  Stephan Vogler, Art Law Expert

‘Texture’, Thomas Traum 2015 [editions using ascibe]

“We believe that ascribe provides a solution that truly helps creators and artists, galleries and collectors to protect their interests. We also hope that by offering ascribe for free we are stimulating the digital art community to grow and prosper.“ 

Masha McConaghy, co-founder of ascribe


‘ascribe’ works like an online registry. Users upload the art work (any file; be that photography, video, gif or 3D) via ascribe’s website for free. Each file is protected through a cryptographic certificate of authenticity. Like a secure, transparent registry ascribe can track the chain of ownership and verify the title of digital property through its individual address.

How it works.
Artists upload their digital work to the ascribe Ownership Registry™, where a digital intellectual property entry is established. The digital work is securely stored in our cloud, and title to the work is credited to the artist. The entry is timestamped and each edition of a work receives a unique crypto-ID that is inseparable from the original.

The digital media stored in the ascribe registry is automatically updated to stay in line with the latest file formats, removing the complexity of archival and media preservation into the future.

The ascribe Ownership Registry™ is a secure, publicly accessible registry that uses advanced cryptography and is decentralized, anchored by the same technology that powers the Bitcoin blockchain ledger.



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