#WTF Fish Tank Driven by Goldfish

Dutch design collective Studio Diip have added wheels and sensors to a fish tank so that it can be driven be Gold Fish.

Fish on Wheels allows the aquatic occupant to move its contained environment around a space rather than remaining static.

“Our pet fish have always been limited to their water holding area known as ‘the fish tank’,”

said Studio Diip, composed of alumni from Eindhoven University.

“In an attempt to liberate fish all over the world, the first self-driving car for fish has been developed.”

As the fish swims around the transparent tank, a webcam positioned above the water tracks its movements – detecting the contrast between the fish and the bottom of the tank – and relays them to the Arduino.
The programmed chip then mimics the fish’s movements by driving the vehicle in the same direction.


More Info and pictures over at Dezeen


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