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OH MY GOYA: Courtauld Gallery to collate works from scattered private album of the Spanish master for first time.

Courtauld to bring ‘Witches & Old Women’ album works together for first time in Feb 2015 exhibition.

Goya’s exploration of his own feelings around aging and the macabre are on show in work from the artist’s private albums, brought together by the Courtauld Gallery for the first time since his death.

Produced in the last decade of his life, the Witches and Old Women Album is one of the least known of Goya’s eight albums.

With its themes of witchcraft, dreams and nightmares, the album offers an important perspective on the development of Goya’s interest in old age, the fantastic and the diabolical. Above all, the drawings reveal Goya’s penetrating observation of human nature: our passions, fears, and desires.

The exhibition is curated by Juliet Wilson-Bareau, one of the foremost authorities on Goya, and Stephanie Buck, Martin Halusa Curator of Drawings at The Courtauld Gallery. 

The exhibition will run from 26 February – 25 May 201 at The Courtauld Gallery, Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 0RN



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