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PREVIEW: Pipilotti Rist Worry Will Vanish @HauserWirth London

auge bearb lang
Worry Will Vanish Horizon (video still), 2014 Video audio installation

Hauser & Wirth London, North Gallery 27th November 2014 – 10th January 2015 Opening: Wednesday 26th November, 6 – 8 pm

Hauser & Wirth are showing two exhibitions of new video works by Pipilotti Rist, unveiled in parallel presentations across its London and Somerset galleries.

For her London exhibition, ‘Worry Will Vanish’, Rist will transform the gallery into a fully immersive, sensory environment. Projected against two walls, ‘Worry Will Vanish Horizon’ (2014) is a journey inside the human body, based on a three dimensional animation. Rist delights in patterns created by manipulating creases of skin, caressing, pushing and pulling to depict the varied textures of human flesh. These corporeal images periodically overlap with close-up fragments from nature as Rist blurs the boundaries between the self and organic structures. She explores the relationship between internal and external, how individuals are linked to the tissues and blood vessels of other organisms, and in so doing, she suggests relationships with the universe at large. Rist’s video footage appears as a kaleidoscopic reimagining of reality, as glistening spider webs and dew-laced foliage merge with eyeballs and elbows in a barrage of seductive imagery.

daumenballen bearb
Worry Will Vanish Horizon (video still), 2014 Audio video installation

Rist has collaborated with artist and musician Anders Guggisberg on the sound that accompanies the video so that ‘Worry Will Vanish Horizon’ emerges as a joyous celebration of audio, texture and colour. ‘Worry Will Vanish’ is a participatory experience; gallery visitors are prompted to remove their shoes before entering the main installation, and hence to release some of the social inhibitions that exist in the world outside. Upon initially entering the gallery space, the viewer is confronted with a denim curtain hanging from the ceiling. The curtain extends the length of the south wall, and entices the viewer to explore the area beyond this physical and psychological barrier. By laying plush carpet and duvets on the floor of her installation, Rist invites the viewer to lie down and experience the work from a new perspective, in which the universe appears enlarged. The viewer moving through the image and the projection of their own shadow onto the gallery wall serves to enhance the interaction between the body and its environment.

perlentropfen bearb lang
Worry Will Vanish Horizon (video still), 2014 Audio video installation

Rist draws on principles of Autogenic Training to facilitate a process of relaxation, a technique developed in 1932 by the German psychiatrist Johannes Heinrich Schultz. Autogenic Training involves a repeated set of visualisations, practised in recommended postures (including lying down), which are intended to alleviate stress. Even the adjuratory tone of the exhibition’s title has a calming effect on the viewer, lulling them into a state where they will be receptive to new ideas. A second, small-scale video installation, ‘Stone Skyscraper’ (2014) is positioned outside the denim curtain. It is a human-scale structure milled from sandstone with a video projected on the façade.


About the Artist
Pipilotti Rist was born in Grabs in the Swiss Rhine Valley in 1962. Since emerging on the international art scene in the mid-1980s and 1990s with famous single channel videos such as ‘I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much’ (1986) and ‘Pickelporno’ (1992), Rist has had numerous solo and group exhibitions and is one of the most celebrated video artists working today. In 2009 Rist was awarded the Joan Miró Prize for her wide-ranging creative activity and her outstanding contribution to the current artistic scene by Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, Spain. For her first feature film, ‘Pepperminta’ (2009), in 2009 Rist was awarded the President of the Jury’s Extraordinary Award at Spain’s 6th Seville European Film Festival and in 2010 she received the ‘Cutting the Edge Award’ by Miami International European Film Festival. In 2012, Rist was awarded the Harper’s Bazaar Art China prize for ‘Best Artist’ and in June 2013, she was awarded the Zurich Festival Prize 2013.

Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Gentle Wave in Your Eye Fluid’, Times Museum in Guangzhou, China (2013); ‘Pipilotti Rist. A la belle étoile’, Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, Seattle WA (2012); ‘Pipilotti Rist – Spear to heaven!’, LEEUM Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea; ‘Blutbetriebene Kameras und quellende Räume’, Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Switzerland (2012); ‘Eyeball Massage’, Hayward Gallery, London, England (2011) which travelled to Kunsthalle Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany (2012); ‘Parasimpatico’, Fondazione Nicola Trussardi, Cinema Manzoni, Milan, Italy (2011); ‘Pipilotti Rist. Partit amistós – sentiments electrónics’, Fundació Joan Miró & Centre Cultura Caixa Girona Fontana d’Or, Barcelona / Girona, Spain (2010); ‘Elixir – The video organism of Pipilotti Rist’, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands (2009); ‘Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Metres)’, MoMA, New York NY (2008) and ‘A la belle étoile’, Centre Pompidou, Paris, France (2007).



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