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ART NEWS : “The Theory of Everything” brings NYC to Tears


Stephen Hawking biopic, “The Theory of Everything” made it’s U.S. premiere at The Museum of Modern Art in New York City Monday night. The film, starring Eddie Redmayne as Stephen Hawking & Felicity Jones as Hawking’s wife Jane, was said to leave its audience in tears as film industry darlings gathered to watch the films debut.

“Did I cry?” asked the screenwriter Anthony McCarten. “I choked up. It’s always the same place — a close up of Felicity’s face when [Hawking] tries to speak and she realizes she will never hear the voice of her husband again.”

photo courtesy of: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Eric Fellner, the co-chairman of Working Title Films, which produced the $15 million drama, said the material also made him teary. “I used to weep my way through the movie,” he said. “That’s when I knew we had something special. You can work as hard as you want in a movie on post-production, but the one thing you can’t add is emotional resonance.”

Redmayne, who brought his parents from London as his dates, said he saw the film for the second time following its debut — to plenty of Oscar buzz — at the Toronto Film Festival in September. “I saw more of the subtleties and the virtuoso stuff Felicity was doing,” Redmayne said. “It’s interesting, because when you’re acting with another actor on a film set, you see something different than you see on camera. Only later do you realize how extraordinary their work was.”

Jones said that she received a stamp of approval on the film from Jane Hawking by telephone. “She was very complimentary,” Jones said. “She said I got her voice. I worked with two dialect coaches and a movement coach. I was playing her over 25 years, so I wanted to learn how your spine shifts, how your gait changes. You always want to find the walk of the character and the talk of the character.”

Check out the incredible trailer to “The Theory of Everything” below & read more about this story here



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