We (Trope) celebrate motion as a metaphor for being, through breathing life into inanimate objects. Our artworks are playful and hybrid, made using an immersive system of concrete animation called the D-scope® where time is literally choreographed. We create audio-visual, kinetic worlds where an audience can move freely, encountering the art in a synaesthetic and immersive way. These are mixed reality, embodied artworks that cannot be understood viewed on a computer screen; ‘You have to be there’.
Watch the video documentation of Codex, our latest gigantic interactive sculpture here:

We will be exhibiting our new work Dandelion (picture above) at Kinetica Art Fair on 16-19 October in London. More info on

You can also submit your work for inclusion on FAD just use our Facebook Page to submit it. Please add info about your work and about yourself Good Luck !

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