WATCH : As artist Dustin Yellin re-imagines’s Logo.

For today’s relaunch of, Vogue have reached out to some of their favourite artists asking them to re-imagine their logo.

First up is this video short by the artist Dustin Yellin.
Yellin is best known for his magnificent see-through sculptures, in which he uses resin to suspend organic and inorganic materials in three-dimensional collages, so it was somewhat unexpected that he should send a video.

Yellin explains how he made the video in his studio at Pioneer Works, the arts complex he founded in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

“I made this after I ate a large plate of fruit,” Yellin wrote. “The fruit colors corresponded to the paint colors in the tubes. The eating and the painting sort of switched places while I thought to myself, ‘Do I know how to spell Vogue?’” First, Yellin said, he ate the fruit at the glass table under which the video was filmed. “I had a friend underneath the table—he just happened to be there filming, while I ate. He filmed me eating the fruit. Then he filmed me squirting the fruit-colored paint.” The result, Yellin said, is “a fruit dance, a fruit drawing, or fruit painting.” He closed with a dispatch: “Now the crabs are scuttling all over the drawings I had made in the sand.”

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