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Polymetros@Digital Design Weekend 2012 from Ben Bengler on Vimeo.


Ben Bengler is a creative technologist, interaction designer, researcher and artist. He has a background in electronic engineering, computer science and interaction design as well as in music and audio technology. Currently, he works in the Interactional Sound and Music Group at Queen Mary University of London. His work focuses on the design of musical interactives that reach out to broad audiences and foster public musical creativity in real-world settings. His collaborative interactive music system Polymetros was exhibited in major art museums and at international music and media art festivals and has even appeared at the V&A.

From a research point of view Ben Bengler seeks to contribute to a fundamental understanding of how people behave and interact in such new creative spaces and aims to provide a valuable resource to inform new designs that aim to foster technology-mediated social and creative experiences. As a performer and artist he is interested in the creation of musical live compositions based on very limited source material and visual artworks using experimental photography.

Ben Bengler’s Polymetros took part in DegreeArt’s Post Digital exhibition at First Thursdays.

Polymetros is an interactive, collaborative music system that enables people to play, compose and perform music together with their friends or someone they just met a moment ago.

Designed as an audience experience for festivals and exhibitions Polymetros promotes a way of music?making that is immediate, intuitive and social while appreciating music as an inclusive and enjoyable group activity rather than an exclusive expert profession.

Polymetros was exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A) in London, UK, the DCC New Media Art Exhibition in Shenzhen, China, the London Innovation Showcase, Beijing, China and the Sonar Festival 2013 in Barcelona, Spain, amongst others.

For more information on ‘Post Digital – Are We There Yet?’ head to postdigitalart.co.uk



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