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ART NEWS : Roberto Cavalli & NYC Celebrated Artist Brian Ermanski collaborate in Ibiza .

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As part of Cavalli’s latest lifestyle “coup d’état” to bring together the world’s who’s who in Ibiza, the Italian designer is collaborating this summer 2014 with “The Bad Boy of the Art World”; Brian Ermanski.

Cavalli, who is renowned for working with celebrated designers and artists when it comes to his lifestyle projects, took on board the charismatic performance painter Ermanski. The latter is best known for his über-bright, graphic and provocatively charged paintings.

Ermanski is set to create a new collection of masterpieces in Ibiza that, amongst others, take inspiration from Cavalli’s signature style and the island’s natural beauty.

Ermanski, known to his fans as The Prince of Elizabeth Street, first rose to fame when he was discovered on a Lower East Side Manhattan street where he was selling his cutting edge art to the likes of major rock stars and celebrities. Ermanski soon starred in a documentary film about his life and art. The film was selected for the 14th Annual Los Angeles International Film Festival and Ermanski’s life suddenly catapulted him to pop culture status. Ermanski’s good looks and infectious charm later led him to the world of modeling and more film. A NY/CA production company is currently underway developing a new Reality Show surrounding Ermanski’s unconventional life and his extraordinary talent.

The live exhibition in Ibiza titled “Pashion” is a mix of Ermanski’s New York urban COOL-AS-ICE, freedom of expression and Rock ‘n Roll spirit with Cavalli’s Italian elegance.

“I paint my visual diary through art, connecting my love for fashion and luxury so I may project my vision of how I would ideally like to live; dreaming of splendor and living like a King. I admire the choice that Cavalli made when he chose fashion over painting because I did the opposite. Now, our mutual admiration for the other form of art has connected us in this fantastic collaboration on this free-spirited, magical island of dreams. I am full of euphoria about creating this next series of masterpieces, which is a dream come true. The reason is because I always wanted to incorporate patterned textiles with paint and create a new and exciting form of art, which I have now called PASHION.” -Ermanski

The Prince of Elizabeth Street, who was coronated as the new “King of Ibiza”, will be working on and showcasing his exclusive works-in-progress for the PASHION series from present until early October in his current studio and gallery space on the premises of Cavalli’s newly opened Restaurant & Lounge in Ibiza.

Come and join the queue.
Dare to live.


www.ERMANSKI.com or www.ERMANSKILAND.com



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