7 COOL THINGS: To See @STARTArtFair Visit IT This Weekend

Charlotte + Marisa from Roman Road Gallery, at START art fair, credit Luke Walke Outfits supplied by Balenciaga at Roman Road

1 Roman Road Gallery installation with Fido Dido mirrors and black squiggles representing floaters that you get in your eyes + matched with the gallerists outfits.@RomanRoad_RR

“The Bench” performance during Marking Time, International Drawing Conference, the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 3 – 4 October 2008, Photo: Longin Sarnecki , 2008
2 Gosia drawing live in the Fehily Contemporary art space throughout the week to create a final composition

3 Dog writing Chinese letters in a video piece by Peng Hung-Chih – Art Issue Projects

4 +Mas: Arte Contemporaneo – Nicholas Cardenenas – man and rock- naked man trying to pick up golden rock

5 Alessandro Brighetti – magnetic head that sucks up ink and iron filings – Primo Marella Gallery

6 MAP OfficePart of the Eye Zone– Dart board game where players represent a country in a battle for conquest of a disputed island

7 CHOKRA Vogueing at Kasha Hilderbrand

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