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The Art Events to visit this week from Art Map London

WEEK: 16th June – 22nd June

There are loads of art events such as private views, artists talks, and screenings happening around London, and often it is impossible to choose where to go and what to see. To help you with the choice Jenny Judova

 Work Gallery (offsite), 6:30-8pm talk ‘Space for Architecture’

A talk about O’Donnell + Tuomey winning the competition for the LSE student centre and building it, the talk will also touch upon the ideas behind the buildings design. The lecture will be followed by the book launch of Space for Architecture: The Work of O’Donnell+Tuomey by Artifice books on architecture. Please visit the LSE website for further details of how to book.



saw swee hock exterior

Anxiety Arts Festival, 7pm performance by Vacuum Cleaner
The press release starts with a brilliant question ‘If the boundaries between madness and ‘normality’ are blurred, how do we define what is a mental illness, and what isn’t?’ I think each one of us had those moments where we questioned our sanity, or after reading a wiki article would have that chilling feeling ‘I have all that!’ and this is what the Vacum Cleaner performance promises to be about its invites ‘you to delve into your own mind, to be assessed for common mental health conditions, whilst testing the current processes of diagnosis.’ You have to admit it does sound cool.

Disclaimer: Whilst this piece uses real Mental Health Assessment tools, it should not be seen as a valid or clinical alternative to seeking professional support with your mental health.



Standpoint Gallery, 6-9pm private view HEAD TO HEAD group show

Standpoint offers a painting ‘standoff’ or the art version of a rap battle (I think). The exhibition takes on 4 very contemporary and very awkward questions, such as:

1) What is painting after the Internet – has it changed?

2) How has the exponential growth of image culture changed painting’s engagement with depiction?

3) What are the building blocks of painting, and to what extent do painters feel the need to employ them to complete a painting?

4) Is there still merit in taking the act of painting itself as the prime subject – rather than using it as a means to illustrate an external concept?

And has two artists answering each one of these questions.

the artists are: Paulina Michnowska – Flore Nové-Josserand, Matthew Musgrave – Donal Moloney, Nicholas John Jones – Ivan Liotchev, Phillip Allen – Estelle Thompson


V&A, 6:30-10pm an evening of events ‘The Other Georgian Story’
An evening of events including talks, films, tours and re-enactments which examine the lives of black people from Africa, the Caribbean, the Americas and Georgian Britain, ‘invisible’ to Kentian society. Historian S.I. Martin explores the Enlightenment, the transatlantic slave trade and the Industrial Revolution through the lives of scholars, biographers and African royalty.


 Andipa Gallery, 11:30-6pm performance William Mackrell ‘Deux Chevaux’
This is a genius performance, that I first saw on Kickstarter (out of all the places! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1322860107/deux-chevaux)

The artist William Mackrell takes 2 horses (hence Deux Chevaux) to pull a two-horse power car (Citroen 2CV) through the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster – Genius!!

The work challenges the interaction of human and mechanical power, questioning language’s ability to measure their differences and similarities and asks what happens to this action when confronted with the unexpected in the everyday.


andipa gallery

The schedule for the day is

11.30am Project begins at Hyde Park (opposite Serpentine Sackler Gallery) (1)

12.00pm Depart Hyde Park (opposite Serpentine Sackler Gallery)

12.15pm Arrive Natural History Museum (Exhibition Road) (2)

12.45pm Depart Natural History Museum (Exhibition Road)

1pm Arrive at Royal Albert Hall (3)

1.20pm Depart Royal Albert Hall

1.40pm Arrive Institut Français (4)

2.00pm Depart Institut Français

2.10pm Arrive Royal Society of Sculptors (5)

2.30pm Depart Royal Society of Sculptors

3.00pm Arrive Chelsea Theatre (6)

3.05pm Community workshop performance activity with young people (ages 10-12) from World’s End Estate organised with Chelsea Theatre

3.30pm Depart Chelsea Theatre

3.50pm Arrive Dove House Square (Chelsea Old Town Hall) (7)

4.20pm Depart Dove House Square (Chelsea Old Town Hall)

4.40pm Arrive Duke of York Square (8)

5.10pm Depart Duke of York Square

5.30pm Arrive Andipa Gallery, Knightsbridge (9)

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 15.17.55

Auto Italia South East, 7-9pm private view Golden Age Problems: Wellbeing in the Entertainment Complex
Artists: Oreet Ashery, Marleen Boschen, Olivier Castel, Leni Cedric, Benedict Drew, Marianne Forrest, Mette Hammer Juhl + Lorenzo Tebano, Pablo Navarro MacLochlainn, Terence McCormack, Plastique Fantastique, Richard Thomas.

Auto Italia South East is one of the galleries that is tirelessly working on showing and promoting New Media Art and is constantly experimenting with emerging talents – and for all this we love it dearly.

The press release for this exhibition claims that ‘Art institutions sit comfy in the pockets of big corporations, broadcasters continue to sow the image-seeds of a tedious spectacular capitalism and publishers proliferate middlebrow infotainment and zombie-commenters. Compounding the problem, many artists remain enthralled by the mainstream, commercial art world.’


Auto Italia East

Chisenhale Gallery, 11am-4pm Making Midsummer Solar Clocks
Chisenhale Gallery and Victoria Park are collaborating with The Royal Observatory to run two day-long workshops over the Summer Solstice weekend led by Public Astronomer Marek Kukula. Explore the vital link between sunlight and time by spending Midsummer learning how to make clocks from the shadows of ordinary objects and how the movements in the solar system affect shifts on Earth. Events are free to attend but booking is strongly advised. To reserve a place contact mail@chisenhale.org.uk




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