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ART NEWS: Cory Arcangel launches Arcangel Surfware, surfware for the web

In a partnership with Bravado, the global music merchandising company, fine artist Cory Arcangel is moving into the merchandise and retail industry with the launch of Arcangel Surfware, a line of clothing and accessories designed to make surfing more comfortable – surfing the web that is. The collaboration is the first of its kind and an artistic statement itself, albeit a marketable and accessible one.

Arcangel Surfware products consist of everything one needs to “chill” in bed all day and surf the Internet in comfort: sweat pants, sweat shirts, bed sheets, pillow covers, iPad® and iPhone® covers, magazines, and music. Arcangel Surfware will debut May 17th online at arcangesurfware.biz, and at a one day only pop-up store designed by Cory Arcangel at the New York Holiday Inn Soho. The one day pop-up store will feature Arcangel Surfware products as well as a one-time only installation of new work by the artist. It is Arcangel’s first exhibition of all new work in New York since his 2011 exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art.

“I’ve always looked to disperse my artwork in as many different arenas as possible. I’ve been surfing the world wide web nearly since its inception, and I just haven’t seen a fully integrated and consistently designed line of products aimed at making the experience more comfortable, more personal, and ultimately more relaxing. Arcangel Surfware will help one unwind in style – and comfort – while still participating in the digital and virtual environments of their choice” said Cory Arcangel. “Looking at the great work Bravado does with Lil Wayne’s Trukfit brand, and Birdman’s Rich Gang and YMCMB brands, I can’t think of a better partner then Bravado to bring the Arcangel Surfware brand to a greater public.”




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