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Jenny’s An Art Event every Day

WEEK: 10th Feb-16th Feb

There are loads of art events such as private views, artists talks, and screenings happening around London, and often it is impossible to choose where to go and what to see. To help you with the choice Jenny Judova from www.artmaplondon.co.uk will be advising on what events seem worth attending during the week.


pavel pepperstein
Pace Gallery, 6:30-8:30pm private view Pavel Pepperstein ‘Debris of the Future’
Debris of the Future will be Pepperstein’s first exhibition with Pace and coincides with the UK-Russia Year of Culture programme initiated by the British Council and the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In my view Peperstein is one of the more exciting Russian artists drawing on the Suprematist iconocrafy that Russia is well known for to the West, as well as Russian folklore, Hollywood films, science fiction and the artist’s own ingenious fantasies. Self-titled “psychedelic realist”, Pepperstein’s practice develops out of a desire to forge a new Russian representative style that will salvage the remnants of a rich cultural history being woefully destroyed in the name of progress.


unnamed (4)
Stunt Dolly Hair Salon, 6-8pm private view Dalston Screentests Part I
Dalston Superstar, 9pm-till late private view Dalston Screentests Part II
An opening in two parts. The first takes place in a Hair Salon turned Gallery, the second just down the road in the Dalston Superstore. The show promises to celebrate some of Dalston’s cultural icons through a modern interpretation of Andy Warhol’s iconic screen tests. I really hope that by ‘cultural icons’ they do not mean Vice’s Dalston Superstars. The list of the artists looks promising and includes Fred Butler, Jonjo Jury, A Man to Pet, Cassandra Yapp.


unnamed (1) (1)
Charlie Smith London, 6:30-8:30pm private view The Great War
Charlie Smith London presents four European artists to mark the centenary of the beginning of The Great War. Hailing from European countries that played significant roles between 1914 and 1918, each artist approaches the theme with profound and reflective endeavour. Working across mediums in installation, drawing and painting, Harold de Bree (Netherlands), Florian Heinke (Germany), Eric Manigaud (France) and Hugh Mendes (United Kingdom) have made new work in response to the brief. War and its representations in art have never been my thing yet the images that Charlie Smith released with the press release are very refreshing and even bitter humorous.


Herrick Gallery, 6-9pm private view Maria Teresa Gavazzi ‘Abbracciamoci’ 
It was a surprisingly tough to pick just one event out of everything happening this on the Saint Valentine Friday, but the phrase ‘A huggable experience especially for you on Valentine’s Day’ got me hooked. So the friday choice is the new interactive installation by Maria Teresa Gavazzi with sound designed by Riccardo Spina, that suggests us to ‘Blow into it your deepest desires and get in the mood for cuddles!’


Standpoint Gallery, 4pm a discussion with ‘dark ecologist’ Paul Kingsnorth ‘How to Live Now’
The discussion coincides with the (Un)natural narratives exhibition that explores the biophilia and belonging in a decentred world, and offers an interesting take on science-meets-art-meets-reality.
The topics for discussion will include: what we have lost, and are starting to forget that we have lost; post-nature ecology; vital materialism; what challenges to global capital are thinkable; what embracing despair can offer; logos versus mythos; what place art/writing/music can hold in ecological thinking and action; and how rational are human beings, really?


For the full list of art events happening in London this February visit www.artmaplondon.co.uk



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