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The Worlds First Ever Commercial Real-Time Virtual Gallery Launches Tomorrow 2nd October 2013

Futurecity: Paynes & Borthwick Gallery Diodicity by Rubedo Portal view www.paynesandborthwickgallery.com
© Rubedo. All rights reserved

Futurecity: Paynes & Borthwick Gallery Produced by Rubedo. www.paynesandborthwickgallery.com © Rubedo. All rights reserved.

Paynes & Borthwick Gallery Curated by Futurecity 2nd October – 3rd November 2013

Curators Futurecity launch Paynes & Borthwick Gallery – a real-time virtual replica of an actual gallery space, due for completion in autumn this year, at the Paynes & Borthwick development project on the banks of the River Thames in West Greenwich, SE8.

Paynes & Borthwick Gallery opens with a schedule of artists and designers working in a multi-disciplinary capacity across the spheres of art, sound, architecture, design, fashion, graphics, moving image and new media. Starting with London-based art practice Rubedo, who were invited to perform at Tate Modern last year, other exhibitors will include Richard Wilson (November 2013), and Marcus Tomlinson and Mark Wallinger (Spring 2014).

The new gallery provides a unique, first-of-its-kind opportunity for artists and designers to create experiences for an online real-time medium. This has been enabled by Futurecity, who have programmed a series of interactive exhibition experiences into the gallery.

The inaugural exhibitor at Paynes & Borthwick Gallery is Rubedo, founded in 2004 by Laurent-Paul Robert and Dr Vesna Petresin Robert. Rubedo’s work takes art out of the ‘white cube’ and in to a fully immersive experience; it engages sound and light in relation to body, space, time and user interaction. It examines relations between aesthetics, complex geometry, acoustics and synesthesia, through performance, installation and artefact. The exhibition will be available to view online for 4.5 weeks with 24 hour access, and as with exhibitions in physical spaces, there will be no opportunity to view it after the final day.
Upon entering the virtual gallery space we view the first of two works, Diodicity, which explores transformation and flux, and is the latest version of the original which was shown as the closing performance of Topology at Tate Modern in 2012. Diodicity hovers in mid-air, challenging the viewer to explore its bubble-like and ever-transforming shape and soundscape.

The second piece, Trans_Lux, is entered through a portal within the virtual gallery space, as if being transported through space and time to another world. The work is a fully immersive synaescape, which evolves and responds to the viewer as one passes through it, interacting with its choreographed landscape of light and sound.

Paynes & Borthwick Gallery will host forthcoming virtual exhibitions by Richard Wilson, Marcus Tomlinson and Mark Wallinger, all of which will be based upon their acclaimed work. In November 2013 the gallery will feature Wilson’s Slipstream, the longest sculpture in Europe, which will be housed at Heathrow’s new Terminal 2 in early 2014. Marcus Tomlinson, the noted photographer and fine art filmmaker, will follow in early 2014 and in spring 2014 Turner Prize winning artist Mark Wallinger will exhibit a variation of his giant white horse sculpture, which has been commissioned for Ebsfleet in North Kent.

Paynes & Borthwick Gallery is a virtual replica of the actual 38,000 sq ft gallery space at the Paynes & Borthwick development project, due for completion in autumn this year, on the banks of the River Thames in West Greenwich, SE8.




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