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VIDEO: “All The Leaves” Ed Laurie & Straw Dog band + the German Painter Ruprecht von Kaufman

Ruprecht von Kaufmann# All the Leaves, 2013# Öl auf Leinwand# 170 x 270 cm

“All The Leaves” is a collaboration between Ed Laurie & Straw Dog band, and the German Painter Ruprecht von
Kaufman. The song inspired this picture and over 2 months the evolution of the work was photographed at regular
30 second intervals. von Kaufman said his intention was not to paint the ‘song’ but focus on a detail that linked the
two works. “Outside Outside the temperature is rising, and the bird is learning how to swim”…
Ruprecht von Kaufmann is a contemporary German artist, who was born and raised in Munich, educated in Los
?Angeles, worked in New York, and relocated to Berlin in 2003.

?”I push myself to do things that might not be comfortable.Change is really important. Without change
??there is stagnation. Life means change. Only death is permanent. Painting is like life. It evolves constantly,
?you never stop learning, and I never feel entirely safe in front of the easel.”!

?Mucisian Ed Laurie draws on rich cultural in!uences from “lm, art and literature in his work during his 10 year
career, having initially trained as an actor. The artwork his upcoming fourth studio album ‘Trip The Wire’ has been
painted by Italian artist Alessandro Del Pero. After success with a previous single “Albert” about Albert Camus and
his visionary novel ‘L’Etranger’, Ed has been asked by Catherine Camus, the daughter of the late Albert Camus, to
make a contribution to a new book about her father.#

‘Trip The Wire’ by Ed Laurie and Straw Dogs
?will be released in September via Sony ?with artwork by Alessandro Del Pero
?rvonkaufmann.com | edlaurie.com



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