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The Shortest Video Art Ever Sold


The Shortest Video Art Ever Sold
A project by Marina Galperina and Kyle Chayka – organized by Postmasters

The Shortest Video Art Ever Sold is a site-specific physical curatorial project, offering an exclusive “screening” of new art by top net artists in the newest social media format, Vine – a video all of six seconds long. SVAES is presented in a purposely analog/DIY format, a Fair Shopping Network “television program” that will grant the fair goers opportunity to immediately purchase the Vine Edition of 1 and, for an extra fee, have the artist tweet the new artistic acquisition at the patron, so they can have their collecting acknowledged publicly. SVAES subverts the insular art market, the Vine brand, the “like economy” of the social media and video art as property/commodity.

Marina Galperina is the Art Editor of ANIMALNewYork, and a Brooklyn-based freelance journalist, specializing in Russian internet phenomena, conceptual vandalism and net art.

Kyle Chayka is senior editor at renowned art blog Hyperallergic.com and a freelance culture and technology writer based in Brooklyn. He is a participant of and spectator on various events and exhibitions in New York and elsewhere.

Moving Image New York March 7th – 10th , 2013 Waterfront New York Tunnel
269 11th Avenue Between 27th and 28th Streets New York, NY 10001



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