Kate Moss commissions Street Art Portrait from Bambi


– Kate Moss Commissioned Her Own Street Art Portrait: The famous British supermodel recently commissioned an original portrait by the street artist Bambi in the style of Andy Warhol’s iconic portraits of Marilyn Monroe for £50,000 ($78,700). The finished product is described as “an oil painting that depicts the British beauty with bright red lips” — making it sound bafflingly like Banksy’s famous Warholian painting of Moss. “Kate’s been wanting to commission a Bambi special for months,” according to a source close to Moss. “She plans to hang it in pride of place in her Cotswolds farmhouse.” via: ARTinfo.com


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3 thoughts on “Kate Moss commissions Street Art Portrait from Bambi

  1. I want a Bambi original! Walton Fine Arts gallery have pretty cool ones and apparently all the originals are from them? Unless i go and cut out some wall from Belsize Village or Camden 🙂 .. Kinda like the “I Wish” one… i guess it is an extension of the street piece… any suggestions?

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