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DON’T MISS: Nick Abrahams films at The ICA

The Bruce Lacey Experience + Jeremy Deller & Nick Abrahams Q&A
Jan 24th Screening of excerpts from films, promos etc at the ICA in London, with chat from director Nick Abrahams and David Gryn, curator at Artprojx from 7pm, videos involving collaborations with Sigur Ros, Jeremy Deller, Huggy Bear, Stereolab, Aidan Gillen and many others…! please come along

plus dj’s in ICA bar afterwards – we can have a chat and a drink!

tickets available here:www.ica.org.uk/A-Night-of-Nick-Abrahams-Films
tickets alas £10/ £8/conc/ £7 members

+ on Jan 25th Screening of ‘The Bruce Lacey Experience’ by Nick Abrahams and Jeremy Deller, followed by Q and A with the directors at 6.30pm www.ica.org.uk/Jeremy-Deller-Nick-Abrahams-QA



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