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Things to see @LondonArtFair #4 Oliver Griffin


‘Slides: Work Vs. Industry’
Or: “A View of the British work environment in the last century and the introduction of technology within a small intuitions.’ 2009 ‘Industrial Slides’ x17, ‘Kodak slide box’ x1, 35mm transparencies and box

Hannah Barry Gallery STAND P17

LVRGRIFFIN is the closed archive of a large series of work by Oliver Griffin categorised as The Evaluation of Space. This encompasses some 51 projects and exercises undertaken over ten years and comprising a large group of books, photographs, painting, sculpture and installation.

In 2012 Oliver Griffin disappeared, leaving all his work along with his personal email address, website details and passwords to a small voluntary team led by the German-Swiss archivist Aüt Moriarty. The Oliver Griffin Archive is now working with the Gallery to complete the cataloguing and conservation of all the works.



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