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Sunday Art Fair 2012 The Highlights


11th – 14th October 2012
Continuing to position itself as a key fixture in London’s cultural landscape, SUNDAY art fair will present 20 young galleries from 10 countries and will also feature SUNDAY School, an extended public programme of specially commissioned artist projects, performances and events.

SUNDAY, the gallery–led art fair, is a platform for an intimate group of like-minded commercial galleries to present work from a range of emerging artists within a relaxed environment. Some of the new exhibitors this year include Christian Andersen (Copenhagen), Lisa Cooley (New York), Frutta (Rome), Seventeen (London) and RODEO (Istanbul). Returning galleries include BolteLang (Zurich), Gaudel de Stampa (Paris) and Tanya Leighton (Berlin). Nearly half the galleries contributing to the 2012 edition have been established for 3 years or less, embodying SUNDAY’s aim to introduce fresh international talent to audiences.

Kraupa-Tuskany (Berlin), will present Absolute Vitality Inc., an ongoing project by Aids-3D (Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas). Absolute Vitality Inc. is a growing mixed media, sculptural environment that combines a vertical garden of living plants, LED backlit chrome signs and screens to explore the relationship between art, technology, energy, economics and social activism.

Artist Cornelia Baltes, exhibiting with Limoncello (London), will work directly onto the walls of the Ambika P3 space to produce a new, large-scale, temporary painting. Recently graduated from the Slade School of Fine Art, she has featured in Bloomberg New Contemporaries and the John Moores Painting Prize.

Simone Subal (New York) has devised an intergenerational presentation featuring drawings and paintings by Kiki Kogelni from the 1960’s, alongside recently produced videos by Erika Vogt. Although from different generations, both artists investigate the complexity of representation and issues relating to the formation of subjectivity. The juxtaposition of the two female artist’s work, acts as a meditation on what constitutes ‘contemporary’ and suggest that to be contemporary does not necessarily mean to be of the times, but instead to be with the times.

As part of SUNDAY School artist Jonathan Monk, in collaboration with Three Star Books and design team OK-RM, will produce Billboard Book Project – London. Installed on the mezzanine level, overlooking the rest of the fair, the work will consist of a giant internal billboard poster and publication that acknowledges everyone involved in the production of the project; from the artist himself through to the person who packed the work for shipping.

Chez Baz, Chez Chaz, is an artist-led bar produced by nascent curatorial duo B.C. (Barnie Page and Charlie Hood). Each day of the fair, an ‘artist du jour’ will style the overall look, feel and function of the space, producing a ‘totalwork’ that includes novel environments to eat and drink in, as well as entertaining artist led events.

Exhibiting galleries:

Christian Andersen* (Copenhagen), BolteLang (Zurich), Croy Nielsen (Berlin), Lisa Cooley* (New York), Fluxia* (Milan), Frutta* (Rome), Gaudel de Stampa (Paris), Hopkinson Cundy (Auckland), Kendall Koppe* (Glasgow), Kraupa-Tuskany* (Berlin), Tanya Leighton (Berlin), Limoncello (London), Lüttgenmeijer (Berlin), RODEO* (Istanbul), Seventeen* (London), Simone Subal* (New York), Supportico Lopez (Berlin), Gregor Staiger* (Zurich), Rob Tufnell* (London) and Tulips & Roses (Brussels),Croy Nielsen (Berlin), Limoncello (London) ,Tulips and Roses (Brussels).

W: www.sunday-fair.com



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