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Charlotte Broomfield-Payne Get Your Art On FAD #29

Charlotte Broomfield-Payne has just Graduated from Reading University.

Through installation and performance ‘Fountain’ is the result of having used questionable subject matter as an exploration into the extent of how ethical codes and moral beliefs impact the way we might instinctively perceive controversial content in art.

In a reaction to the stale prudence amongst our society my work mocks the ludicrousness of our shared compulsions to distinguish motherly actions, such as breast-feeding, into right and wrong, acceptable and deviant, normal and abnormal classifications.

‘Fountain’ reveals and collides realities in order to reject the performance and perfection bestowed upon men and women on how to behave. ‘Fountain’ is an opportunity to expand the self and self-reflect; amongst its rubbery teats, tits and piglets, suckling women, phallic roses, clanging cow bells and elegant night gowns, the pulsating milk duct forms as a modern day replica of a traditional landmark. The circularity of the fountain creates a pinnacle in the public sphere, a moral compass, a community centre point; it offers a rehabilitation of thought. The scale and audacity of the piece mimics the fountain as a natural sight of engagement for public interaction.

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