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Vibrating Tattoo art from Nokia

Vibrating Tattoo art from Nokia

Nokia has filed for a patent of the world’s first vibrating tattoo. Taking haptic feedback — the technology behind vibrations when you touch your phone — to a new level, the company is embedding haptics into temporary and permanent tattoos. The tattoos, consisting of ferromagnetic inks, can vibrate depending on the signal your phone sends.

Each variation of the magnetic signal will result in a new vibration pattern, letting the user know different information, from receiving a new text message to missing a call. A less-permanent version features a material that users would wear on the skin, similar to an armband. The tattoo with special ink is applied in the same manner as normal tattoos, only the ink material would first be exposed to a external magnet to magnetize it, which would allow it to then receive vibration patterns through the skin. via:PSFK




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