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badge beacon mark nod note Alexander Hidalgo and Monika Oechsler Private View Sunday 9th October 2-4pm


Image:Monika Oechsler: Cold-Case-Titan-Homage-to-Baudrillard (2011)

October 10th – October 30th 2011

The idea, then, is to replace the triumphant epiphany of meaning with a silent apophany of objects and their appearances (Baudrillard in Photography or the writing of Light)

Alexander Hidalgo and Monika Oechsler present new works in the exhibition that explore Baudrillards edict to mobilize photography immobility and silence in order to resist speed, to defy the overflow of images and the explosion of information. The exhibition presents work in different media including animation, photography, drawing, neon and text. Alex Hidalgos Pavilion 1 pays homage to modernist architecture. The large-scale drawing covers the whole of the galleries glass facade . Monika Oechslers Cold-Case-Titan-Homage-to-Baudrillard presents an animated, posthumous portrait of the philosopher.

The artists will present collaborative works as well as those made separately by them for the show

Image:Alexander Hidalgo: Pavilion 1 (2011)



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