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Korin Faught Interview by Chantal Menard


I was fortunate enough to spend an evening with Korin Faught in her Los Angeles studio, just days before her solo show, “Voices of the Lake,” at Corey Helford Gallery. In her latest series, Korin explores the complexity of the human condition through haunting muses and an amalgamation of portraits. Her work is timeless, sensual and mesmerizing. Be ready to lose your breath, Los Angeles.


Q: Over the years, you have integrated repetitive and reflective imagery in your work. With your last two shows “Echo, “and “Emas Emas” you really explored the duality and multiplicity of your subject. How did this come about? What is the significance to “water as environment” in your paintings?

Korin Faught: “I had been using mirrors and reflections in my work, so the incorporation of the water, was a natural progression. I began experimenting with camera technique and underwater photography last year. The images came out really beautiful, so I wanted to incorporate that into my work somehow; it ended up becoming its own show.
Victorian painters and ways of thinking, the idea of chivalry and images of Ophelia and Virginia Wolf inspired me. I wondered about the romanticism in drowning and what it would be like to explore that.

Q: There is a deep, almost psychoanalytical connection between you and your subjects. Can you elaborate on this?

Korin: Most of the work is an introspective journey of myself through the subject. I’m able to project my thoughts, and my emotions onto my subject; there is no order to the process. I’m working out my desires onto the canvas; there are no boundaries, nor lines between the painting and myself.

Q: This show revolves around water. What is the relevance of the theme to the show?
KF: Trying to create a cohesive body of work is like an album and the songs in it. It tells a story and it’s important for it to be full and well told.

“Voices of the Lake” opens September 3rd. Opening reception 7-10pm at Corey Helford Gallery.
For more info visit www.coreyhelfordgallery.com

Words by Chantal Menard



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