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Image:Thomas Hillier Model of Mel and Judith

Not for Sale explores a simple curatorial concept: a desire to bring together works from across a broad range of often-segregated disciplines – from painting to graphic design to science to poetry – and exhibit them simultaneously.

The works are united, however, in that they have all been selected for the show by SALON’s director, Crystal Bennes: “This is by far the most personal exhibition I’ve curated. Given that I work across a variety of different disciplines, I often find myself stuck in a journalist box or a curator box, but I love science and philosophy and architecture as well. This show isn’t offering up a display of works that have been forced to fit within a rigid thematic framework: it’s simply work that I love across a variety of different disciplines made by people I find equally fascinating.”

Image:Monica Folgueira GFP positive tectal neurons with axons (red) and neuropil (white)

In a further attempt to bring different disciplines together, Not for Sale will eschew the traditional private view in favour of a series of invitation-only dinners where artists, scientists, academics, journalists and curators will be fed by the inventive food design group Blanch and Shock.

Bennes again: “Effectively, Not for Sale is an attempt to put into practice a lot of ideas I’ve had of late – about art as a non-commercial practice, as an arena to cross disciplines and to share ideas. It’s definitely an experiment, a work in progress. None of the works are for sale; there won’t be a private view. Private views are about generating publicity or selling works. This show is about ideas, but not about ideas from the top down; rather, I want the ideas to come from the people who attend the dinners and the people who see the work.”

produced by SALON (LONDON) Through to 3rd April 2011
OPEN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: please email or telephone 07966 586581 to visit.
Dalby House 398 City Road Angel London EC1V 2QA

Image:Gregoire Alix Tabeling

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