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Sotheby’s Modern & Contemporary Southeast Paintings Sale Announced

In 2007, the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) partnered Credit Suisse in launching “Affandi: A Painter of Genuis”. The exhibition showcased 20 of Affandi’s paintings that offered a broad representation of Affandi’s artistic practice. Many of the artworks had never been shown, especially in Singapore.

Likened to Van Gogh stylistically, Affandi’s body of work definitely has its own characteristic.  By using his hands instead of paint brushes to manipulate the oil paints directly onto the canvas, he injects the spontaneity of his human spirit into his own self-portrait in an emotional expressionistic style. For Affandi, he felt that the elimination of the painting brush in favour of his hands better conveys the complexity and depth of humanity. His use of strong colours like red, yellow and green in bold and expressive strokes confronts the viewer and asserts the individuality of Affandi as a modern Indonesian artist.

Sotheby’s Hong Kong will hold its Modern and Contemporary Southeast Asian Paintings Autumn Sale 2010 on 4 October at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. It will offering over 150 exceptional works by works by Affandi and his counter parts  S. Sudjojono, Le Mayeur, Amorsolo and Manasalaare with a total estimate in excess of HK$30 million / US$3.9 million.

More info: Artdaily.org, Sotheby’s



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