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Till 1 April 2010: Kundalini – Sohan Qadri at Indigo Blue Art Gallery in Singapore


Sohan Qadri, one of India’s most accomplished Masters of Indian Contemporary Art, presents his latest collection at Indigo Blue Art. Qadri has participated in over 100 international exhibitions worldwide, with his works included in numerous prestigious and international collections.

His works can be experienced from different angles: as a deep and symbolic form that accompanies the search for deeper insight; as a colouristic and structural expression, without reference to any particular connotation; or, equally valid as an aesthetically restful and undemanding experience.

(above) V. Dye with Incisions on Paper

About Sohan:
His paintings are monochrome surfaces with structural effects that, in their repetition, convey the rhythmic expressions of color energies. The vibrations created by these energies are endless and break the boundaries between the inner space of the image and the external space of the viewer. In their pulsations, the colors allow for a meditation in which those who experience space seek to become space itself.

As Qadri has said, “The narrowness of space has posed as a great problem to me. Phenomenal life can hardly be lived within a few known dimensions.” Qadri’s work has to be experienced; the viewer must surrender to the work. In front of his work, the viewer is confronted with the silence within himself. The work does not direct; one must direct oneself. This intuitive experience speaks all languages and knows no formal boundaries.

Indigo Blue Art



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