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Liz Neal New Paintings at Satorial Gallery Wednesday 9th March

Image:Isabella 2010. Acrylic on linen, 130 x 130cm.

Sartorial, Liz Neal, New Paintings, 7-9pm,
About the paintings …

‘I have been continuing to downsize my practice in accordance with the current climate. I have also had to embrace Acrylic paint. It’s a practical thing. I can no longer lurch around the flat covered in wet oil paint. I have a job to keep and an increasing desire for domestic order to satisfy. Tony my man and Oscar my faithful dog friend have inspired me greatly to this end. The great thing is that the credit crunch has been a time of growth for me.

I needed to enjoy everything about painting that I possibly could. The wood and fabric of the stretcher, the wet pen of brush, the mud of paint, and now also the luxury of linen. But in a pared down way, removing any excess imagery or unnecessary brushwork. The paintings were executed swiftly and barely touched after the first sitting. I have little time to dwindle. It had been a while since I concentrated on painting having lost my confidence the year before, due to some minor setbacks. Sartorial has made me strong again which has been wonderful.

Well subconsciously I had been painting all along, but I was in denial about it.

As for subject matter, I let my heart out, as cheap and blind as a plastic bag. I chose portraiture, familiar faces which sung out to me little visual poems. I collect images just as many other hoarding Artists do, from the image bins of culture, magazines, TV, Internet etc. I love swirly writing…Some images stick in my mind for a while until I relent to paint them even though I may be troubled by what I am doing. These works are about painting and the artist’s experience.

It is my desire to provoke into my life interesting conversation and to be surrounded by Art.’

Liz Neal, February 2010.

Liz Neal:[Saatchi Gallery]



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