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Last Minute ART Christmas Shopping from 11am Christmas Eve

30 Artists 1000 original artworks from £20
Limited Edition Prints
Limited Edition Signed Issues
Limited Edition Executive Portfolio of Prints by Heretic Printmakers

The second edition of the art paper embracing the abused tabloid format, sees an increase in it’s contributors and their predilections. Funded entirely by it’s creators, Bare Bones features no advertising and therefore escapes the constraints associated with corporate shilldom. Featuring artists, photographers, writers, musicians and other beautifully wayward human flotsam, Bare Bones aims to provide an insight into the unexplored creative avenues being beaten out by it’s protagonists. Positioning itself as an alternative to the morass of mind numbing free press littering the brains and streets of London Bare Bones shoots to provoke thought and conversation. Whilst not always aiming to offend just for the sake of it, people who quickly jump to back-footed offence and ill conceived moral judgment only encourage ignorance and deserve to be appalled at least four times a year. It’s healthy and makes for a stronger constitution.

This show, serving as the launch for the second issue will contain one-off artworks by all contributors, limited edition prints featured in the paper and a series of brash commercial events leading up to the 25th designed to extricate cash from the wallets of the drunk, lazy and the out of time.

BARE BONES was, Neal Fox, Frank Laws, Hannah Bays, Chris Bianchi, Robert Rubbish, Harry Malt, Kate McMorrine, Niall O Brien, Stephanie von Reiswitz, Billy Bragg, Heretic Print Studio, Leigh Fox, Walter Newton, Simon Dara, Nervous Stephen, Amelia Johnstone, Richard Milward, Gary Fairful and Amah-Rose McKnight-Abrams. AND BARE BONES will also be; Hanna Hanra, Russell Weekes, Sam Kerr, Peter Rapp, Gavin Bennett, Kate Merry, James Pecis, Sam Kerr, Tom Jenkins, Zoe Taylor, Echao Jiang, Lord Bath, James Graham, Emma Mattei, Slavko Vukanovic, Francesca Gavin, Shane Deegan, Richard Gilligan and Jamie Putnam.



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